Shipping Times

This page displays the current dispatch expectations for each product, as well as delivery times.

Last updated: December 8th 14:34


Presale orders - December 3rd

All orders not containing a Ski Jacket have been dispatched by December 7th. If you’re still waiting for yours please check your emails for shipping information, and contact customer support if you don’t see anything.
Orders containing a Ski Jacket will be dispatched by December 15th. Please do not contact customer support until after this date since your order is likely to be dispatched soon.


Launch orders - December 10th

All orders will be dispatched within 5 days, unless they contain one of these delayed products:

- Hoodie - We're expecting hoodies sold on the main sale to be delayed until after Christmas, shipping currently expected to be in January.

- Sling Bag - We're expecting sling bags to be delayed until after Christmas, shipping currently expected to be in early January.

We're doing absolutely everything we can to minimise the delay however we want customers to be aware of the situation ahead of your purchase, the boat containing the rest of our hoodies and the sling bags has been delayed significantly due to attacks on shipping containers in the Red Sea. The boat containing our container has therefore been rerouted on a much longer journey than originally expected, and should be arriving with us on January 2nd. We will be able to provide another update and will email customers around December 22nd with the latest news.


Delivery Times 

UK - Within 2 days of dispatch based on the dates given above.

Rest of World - In 2 - 5 days after dispatch if express option and in 2 - 10 days after dispatch if standard shipping chosen, based on the dates given above.